country songs about farming

Country Song About Farming: How Many Can You Name?

Although there are many genres of music and modern songs, country songs about farming still capture the hearts of all people. Country or agriculture seems to have become an endless topic for the music scene. Let’s take a look at the most popular songs about this topic.

Best  country songs about farming

1. She thinks my tractor’s sexy – Kenny Chesney

There are many country songs about tractors, but this song by Kenny Chesney is very catchy and popular. This song has an upbeat and happy tune. Everything that is close to the farmer is included in the lyrics of this song. It not only honors the tractor but also honors the simple life of the farmer.

2. International harvester – Craig Morgan

International Harvester - song by Craig Morgan | Spotify

This work was released in 2006 and was a great success for Craig Morgan. The farmer’s life is always tied to the work of the farm. This song is about farming and land. Farmers are too busy, they don’t have time to care who is stuck on the road behind them. However, they always find joy in their busy life.

3. The dirt road – Sawyer Brown

In this song, Sawyer Brown takes people away from the hustle of city life and comes into country life. There, you will pass through dirt roads to return home every day. You will find that even though life in the countryside is not as exciting as it is in the city, it gives you peace of mind.

4. Rain is a good thing – Luke Bryan

Rain Is a Good Thing | Hal Leonard Online

This song is part of Luke Bryan’s hit single. Rain is a good thing for the farmer. As in the lyrics, “Rain makes corn, corn makes whiskey”. Therefore, the signs of the coming rain are good things for farmers. This is a song about farming and land which portrays the life of farmers as well as their needs.

5. American farmer – Charlie Allen

The melodies in this song will fill the hearts of people living on farmland.  This is the reason why it became a favorite country song about the farming of many people. In this song, Charlie Allen said that no matter how modern the technology is, with his hands, a farmer can do anything. That is the most valuable wealth of each person.

6. Keep Texas beautiful – Jerry Jeff Walker

In this song, Jerry Jeff Walker showed his pride in Texas. This is a free and beautiful land. Although the world has many artificial wonders, Texas is still a beautiful place in Jeff Walker’s eyes. Therefore, everyone has to preserve and protect this land more.

7. Heartland – George Strait

George Strait Adds Tour Dates in the Heartland | The Country Daily

This song is part of George Strait’s single which was released in 1992. It is also a good country song to honor the farmers and their life on the farm. If you were born and raised in the countryside, this is the song for you. No matter how far you go, the countryside or the farms are always the lands in your heart. The place you always wanted to be back in someday.

8. Amarillo sky – Jason Aldean

This song is Jason Aldean’s tribute to the resilient farmers who do not give up even though in the toughest of times. Amarillo Sky is also a thank to all the dedicated, hard-working farmers who never complain or ask why for what they have done.

9. Song of South – Alabama

Alabama - Song Of The South (Official Video) - YouTube

This song is about the difficulties of farmers’ jobs and how they overcome them. The song successfully praises the farmer’s hard and diligence. Country life can be hard and unflashy, but it can not prevent the farmer from longing for life and devoting to it.

10. Where the green grass grows – Tim McGraw

Life on the farm is difficult but worthwhile and brings the farmer as much joy. This is a great song about farming and land by Tim McGraw that celebrates life on the farm. Through the lyrics, tilling, irrigation or growing corn all become meaningful works. Surely, after listening to this song, the farmer will be more proud and love their current life more.

Why people love country music about farming ?

Songs about farming are loved because:

  • They are all fascinating.
  • The lyrics are close to the life of farmers.
  • The melodies are easy to enter people’s hearts.
  • They realistically portray a picture of the farmer’s life.
  • They praise, encourage the spirit and industriousness of the farmer.
  • They bring people peace, they feel like they are back in the tranquil countryside.
  • People can easily see their rural life through these songs. Therefore, they will appreciate and be more proud of it.

Last Words,

If you are bored with modern and vibrant music, try listening to country songs about farming which is suggested above. These are all good and selected songs. Surely, they will help you to find peace of mind and get rid of the thoughts and worries of daily life.