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What Is Pigs’ Favorite Food?

Understanding your pigs’ favorite food is essential for their growth and body maintenance. However, some pig owners still think pigs have an unlimited collection of favorite foods to match.

So, let’s get straight into all you need to know about what to and not to feed to design a more well-balanced diet for your pig.

What is pigs’ favorite food?

Pig’s favorite food is a daily salad of fresh vegetables which not only provides enough nutritional requirements but also is pigs’ delicious snacks. Pigs prefer dark, leafy greens, like cabbage or spinach, to provide adequate amounts of vitamins among a thousand kinds of vegetables.

Other healthy vegetables appropriate to feed your pig include beets, spinach, cucumbers, cooked potatoes, grapes, pumpkins, tomatoes, carrots, and cooked broccoli.

A well-balanced small grain-based diet is another pig’s favorite food. Small cereal grain, such as barley, oats, and wheat, are useful feedstuffs for your pigs, so long as it’s unsalted and unbuttered. To not waste feed, when feeding, grains should be processed – cracked or soaked. Prior processing food also helps your pigs digest more efficiently.

Keep in mind that feeding human leftovers to your pig might sound tempting nowadays, and giving them nutritious food is a far wiser option.

What to avoid feeding pigs?

what avoid feeding pigs

Besides pig’s favorite food, it is necessary to understand what not to feed pigs. Although pigs can eat almost all the vegetables you plant, pigs cannot consume raw potatoes, raw sweet potatoes, parsnips, celery, parsley, avocados, and celery. Raw meat should also never be fed to pigs because it can transfer diseases such as mouth disease.

Besides, avoid giving pigs anything rotten, or strong smelling. It is also not recommended to serve the swine with a diet high in sodium, pastries, candies, and sugar. Pigs should have a more balanced diet than we thought.

Tips on feeding pigs to increase their weights

To raise and maintain healthy pigs, knowing tips on feeding them is essential for caring for your new stock best.

First, you need to estimate how much food your pigs need before feeding. Some researches showed that you could provide your pigs approximately 10 pounds of food for every 40 pounds of body weight.

It’s generally better to give your pigs “more food than enough” since they’ll stop eating when they’re no longer hungry. However, don’t give too much as anything left behind will quickly spoil and become a health risk.

Second, it is essential to feed your pigs twice or three a day. To keep the food clean, divide it into two or three portions. Feed the pigs each share in each part of the day.

Last words,

Hopefully, what pigs like to eat is no longer a troublesome question after you read this article. Caring for a pig is a big responsibility, and being a pig’s ownership is not something to enter lightly. We hope you can apply this work to build a bond of love with your pigs successfully.

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